We are an Ecuadorian company of tugboats that operates in national and international waters, endorsed by the experience in the shipping business obtained by the combined-arms operation between CPT Empresas Marítimas form Chile and SAGEMAR from Ecuador.

We gather the effort and devotion of our collaborators making continuous improvements to the Management of Quality’s System and to the service to our clients, compromised to preserve our surroundings and environment.


About Us

We gather the effort and devotion from our human resource to implement a continuous improvement on our quality management system and on the service we provide to our clients…


With a single screw tug built in Germany, “CIIUDAD DE GUAYAQUIL”, SAGEMAR started its operations in the Port Authority of Guayaquil in September of 1995….


SAGEMAR’s fleet is compounded by seven tugs allocated all along the Ecuadorian coast at Port Authorities and private ports of the country. …

Experience Since


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Con el objeto de mejorar nuestros servicios en el Puerto de Guayaquil, SAGEMAR adquirió el remolcado...